Rachel Natalie Rawlins | Artist and Illustrator
A portrait of a mother and child. This is called Love, because that the first love a child learns is for his or her mother, and the love a mother has for her child is deep and self-sacrificing.

This was done in acrylic paint on an 18" x 24" canvas board. The reference for this painting is actually a black and white still from a documentary piece on funk and soul singer Chaka Khan - that is actually her with her daughter many years ago.

This piece is framed and ready for hanging. The golden frame well compliments the golden tones of the child in the painting. The detail of the frame is shown in the photograph.

$600 (plus tax and shipping)

To purchase this painting, please send an email to art@rachelnatalie.ca with the title of the painting, your name and your shipping address.

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